Friday, July 23, 2010

Don't let the bed bugs bite.

I'm sitting here trying to remember the past couple days so I can write about them and I can not seem to think of all we did. Thursday I know we went to eat at a really good restaurant called Acqua al 2. They're famous for their blueberry steak. One of my roommates got it. It was interestingly good. Then we all stopped and got some gelato. As we were walking back to the apartment through the square by the duomo we came across an outdoor classical music concert. It was such an Italy moment. I loved it.
Today was a little bit of a rough day for all of us, but we're making the best of it and turning things around. Luckily, my day really wasn't too bad. My misfortunes consisted of getting very lost on my way home and walking completely across the city to the river before I realized it. Ha, typical. Im surprised this was the first time it happened. Before that, was class. As attractive as my professor is, I was quite frustrated with him today, ha. Through his thick accent, and the fact that English isn't his first language he can be very hard to communicate with. What my roommate Alyssa and I understood as yesterdays assignment was that we were supposed to take pictures of textures. Thats it. So we did. I had several pictures of various textures. Well, long story short this was not what he was looking for, and he was very straightforward about it. Not just to us though, to everyone in the class, so at least I was not alone, ha. The two sets that he did like were pictures of doors, and pictures of graffiti. Textures? Sure? Whatever.
Everyone else's luck seemed to be much worse than mine. My roommate Jackie went on a field trip to a winery today and their bus broke down, in this heat, for two hours. My roommate Cassie rented a bike and got so lost that she was off the map, and has to ask for directions to get back the long long way she had gone off course. My roommate Vicky is not feeling well. MOST of all our issue...bed bugs. We were warned. And we have them. Luckily, again, not me. But every other bedroom in the apartment has them. They're little black bugs that travel on your suitcase and bite you in your sleep. We found NESTS and EGGS on the back of some of the bulletin board in the rooms today. Fun stuff. Our apartment is getting fumigated on Monday, so we have to be out of it from 9am-8pm. What we're going to do for 11 hours, we aren't sure, but it should be a fun day of exploring.
Rumor has it, the high for next week is supposed to be 85. I dont know if I buy it, but if this myth turns out to be true, I will be a happy camper.
I think its about 3am here. We just got home from a fun night out, and we are leaving bright and early in the morning for various trips :). Me, Alyssa, and Vicky are going to Venice. We leave at 8am and are there until tomorrow night when we are going to Milan to meet our other 3 roommates, Jackie Cassie and Caroline. The three of them are going to Chinque Terra, then meeting us in Milan. Venice was the one place I was dead set on making it to while I was here, so I can not wait to see it. Its supposed to thunderstorm there tomorrow, so say a prayer that it hold off til after we leave.
Well, Im going to attempt to get a few hours of sleep before a fun filled weekend :) goodnight.

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